Friday, January 22, 2021
Friday, January 22, 2021
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Sarita Dongol

Sarita Dongol is a visual artist with an MFA from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Her paintings are focused on nature, destruction of nature and its inter-relationship with human and society. Sarita founded the Community Children Art School in 2007. She is also a Lecturer at Himalayan College of Architecture. She has held 12-solo exhibitions in Nepal, Japan, France and Australia, and her works have been exhibited in many national and international galleries since 1992. She received South Asian Artist Residency in Fukuoka, Japan in 2002; International Artist Residency in Gwanju Museum, South Korea, 2006 and an international residency program Floating peers in Bangladesh 2014. She was awarded Special Prize in the National Art Exhibition in 2009 and was also awarded a Gold Medal from Arniko Yuwa Sewa Kosh in in 2011. She received 1st prize in Human Happiness Art Competition 2000, 1st Prize in Art Competition organized by Camlin Art Foundation, India and was awarded Women Talent Hem Ganga Award in 2013. She is an advisor at Arniko Sagit Pathsala, Lokanthal, and a member of the Artist Society of Nepal and Women Artist Group of Nepal. She is also the Gallery Coordinator of Newa Chen and Classic Gallery.

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